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Starting at 5€/mo



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PayPal and Stripe are our payment gateways. Centova Cast and MSCP PRO Control Panels. Reliability and performance. 99,9% minimum availability.

More than 7000 Clients. More than 4300 Answered Tickets. Uptime monitoring into your control panel. Best Customer Service Award and Great Uptime Aword from HostAdvice.

" Service are Cheap and the Support is always there to Help with Problems within few Hours. They are offering a Free Android App and Player for you Hompage. Also they use centova interface. It is Simple and works with out any Problems. The Servers has 100% Uptime. "

Steven Fechtig

" I would like to say that did a great job helping me to adjust my setings for my radio! I was unable to do it by myself and they spent time and they were pro helping me! They are fast in answering my requests as well! I appreciate your help and your knowledge! Thank you very much! 5 Big Stars! "

Mister Alx

" Absolutely Amazing Service! This is my first time streaming with SHOUTcast and these guys made it a pleasure, The SetUp was easy as pie and they provide great free tools including Mixxx Advanced DJ software and MP3 Quality Modifier for mp3 conversion. The Knowledgebase is full of great tutorials and The support they provide is also great, They replied to every support ticket within a couple of hours with a perfect answer. "

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